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What are Robotic Mowers?

Autonomous mowers are battery-operated units that are low-noise, zero-emission, and always working. These mowers are installed on your property, controlled by your voice or phone (Alexa / Google / iOS Compatible), and both monitored & maintained by us throughout the season. 

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Control your mower with voice-control or with your phone.

Low-Noise - works while you're sleeping and you wont even know it's there.

Rain or Shine - Robotic Mowers are always on schedule.

Full Feature List:

  • Voice / Phone App Controls

  • Ultra-silent drive

  • Triple guide wires

  • Electric height adjustment

  • Weather timer

  • Automatic passage handling

  • Manages slopes up to 45%

  • Remote start points x5

  • Flexible charging station placement

  • Balance control

  • Spiral, Spot cutting

  • Multiple Profiles

  • Replaceable top covers

  • Graphic menu display​

  • Large-sized Front bumper

  • Theft protection by GPS

  • Remote object detection

  • Excellent cutting result

  • Silent

  • Unique cutting system

  • No emissions

  • Theft protection by alarm/PIN code

  • Automatic charging

  • Low energy consumption

  • Scheduling Lift & Tilt sensors

  • Weather proof

Take your Lawn Service to the next level today!

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